Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster

8th November 2012
at Energus, West Cumbria

Congratulations to our winners!

Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster Awards
Back row, left to right: Kurt Canfield (Safety Critical), Emma-Jayne Gooch (NuExec Consulting), David Henderson (Tata Steel Projects), David Warwick (Tata Steel Projects), Craig Scott (Tata Steel Projects), Laura Horne (NSG Environmental), Graham Rogers (NSG Environmental), Mike Nicholls (PacTec EPS) and Cath Richardson (Lakes College West Cumbria).
Front row, left to right: Cathy Hunter (Safety Critical), Rebecca Henry (Safety Critical), Lisa Stanger (NuExec Consulting), Craig Haughin (Tata Steel Projects), Liz Bowe (PacTec EPS) and Karen Wilson (Lakes College West Cumbria).

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About the Awards

West Cumbria has always played an important role in the UK's energy policy and I hope you’ll enjoy celebrating the successes, investments and innovations our member businesses tonight. I am very aware that proving we have the resources of expertise and reliability to tackle the challenges at Sellafield will give this area the reputation for delivery and the credibility it needs. Local business can then benefit from other nuclear and energy-related growth across the UK, Europe and the world.

The value of Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster lies in how it can bring together different businesses – and we have over 190 member companies – and build networks among them. Our members are not only involved in nuclear business development but also in infrastructure investments, renewable energy projects and the social fabric of this beautiful place. Tonight’s Awards showcase that variety and, I hope, the area’s expertise and enthusiasm for success as well.

Sean Balmer
Chairman of Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC)

Additional Information

Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster (formerly West Cumbria Business Cluster) is a private sector-led group of 180 organisations, from SMEs to global businesses. Members include world-class, innovative and highly competitive companies that offer high value jobs in the region. Further information is available online at

For further information about BECBC please contact Hazel Duhy, BECBC Admin Manager on 016973 44905.

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